Lovely old bass most likely from the German State of Saxony. There are many sought after instruments from this region during the late 1800's. Cities like Markneukirchen and Klingenthal were home to many of these prominent shops and makers.

This instrument has a very mature and complex sound, with no lack of power. 

String length 42”

Back length 44-1/4”

UB 20”

C Bout 14-5/8”

LB 25-3/4”

Eb neck

Original scroll with grafted flamed maple neck by AES Instruments.

Back and ribs are lovely European maple and the top is a spruce or similar species white pine, commonly found on Prescott basses.

Sloan tuners and a healthy ebony fingerboard round out this superb instrument.

All it needs is a C extension :)

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7/8 Double Bass, Unlabeled, c. late 1800’s