Recently restored 3/4 double bass made roughly in the 1950’s or 1960’s. It was most likely made in Schœnbach or Bubenreuth just inside the redrawn German border from the Czech Republic, post WW2.  After the war there was lots of restructuring and movement along the border and many violin makers shops were quickly moved. Because of this it’s hard to say with much accuracy where many of these basses came from during that period. These basses are commonly referred to as Juzeks but many were likely made in the shops of Anton Wilfer, Benedict Lang, and others. (Markneukirken Violins and Bows, Bruce Babbitt 2014 revised edition).Though the “Made in Germany” label may be from the original shop, the “Andreas Morelli” label which has a handwritten portion “Antonius Stradivarius” is most certainly not original and was likely added in the U.S. in an effort to drive up the value. String length 41-3/4”D neckSpruce top, maple ribs/back/neckOriginal yellow ground and rich ruby colored varnish Ebony fingerboard, carbon reinforced neckPremium bridge with adjusters10mm German endpinVery quick response, dark and rich tone that can access a very wide range of dynamics. Lots of power on the E string and even through all registers. Comes with a soft case. Set up your trial today. 

“Juzek” bass labeled Andreas Morelli and Made in Germany