This instrument is a personal model grounded and heavily influenced by instruments made by Jean Baptist Vuillaume, Dominico Busan, William Tarr, and Thomas Kennedy. This instrument was made to suit the demands of modern performers, with the majestic and mysterious sound of the old French, English and Italian instruments in mind. This instrument has a huge low end response with no lack of clarity.

41.5” string length, white pine top (Prescott basses), quilted big-leaf maple back and sides, european maple neck, ebony fingerboard. Brass and iron tuning machines hand made in France.Includes a custom made Messina cover with purchase. Call or email today for pricing and trial information.

Length of back including button: 46"

Upper bout: 20.5"

C bout: 15.5"

Lower bout: 26.75"

D neck

Z.Lane•Double Bass•Kensington Model