​Stringed instruments of any age will undoubtedly need rejuvenation and revitalization. Services might be as simple as new strings and a soundpost adjustment, or as complex as pressing out a sinking top plate. No matter the issue I strive to make historically sound and artistic choices for each and every repair and build.

Setup: adjustment of the soundpost, string height and tension adjustment at the nut and bridge, fingerboard dressing and shaping, new bridges and soundposts, tailpiece tuning and tail wire setup.

Gluing: routine seasonal maintenance of cracks and open seams

Full Restoration: new neck, scroll grafting, neck reset, new fingerboard, bracing of cracks, plate graduation and rejuvenation, new bass bar, rib bracing, rib and lining replacement, block replacement, varnish restoration

C-extension: custom made to your desired specifications with an artistic perspective and modern specs

Full bow Service: see bow services page

Instrument Making: violin, bass, bows for each

Accessories: from strings and rosin to cases, I've got you covered