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Stringed instruments and bows of any age will undoubtedly need rejuvenation and revitalization at some point. Often the change of seasons in NYC area can accelerate the need for certain repairs. Services can be as simple as a rehair, new strings and a soundpost adjustment. Other times these procedures demand more in depth repair work that can take up to a year or more to complete. I strive to make historically sound and artistic choices for each and every repair and build. 

In addition to repair work I try to have a small selection of vintage and new instruments and bows for sale, in addition to those I make in the shop. 

Repair, restoration and sales are by appointment only. Please either email us at or fill out the contact form. Due to higher than normal volumes of work, it may take a few days for a reply. We are currently making changes to services we offer and may suggest other shops in the area for services we no longer provide. 

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